Functional foods for chronic human diseases

Researchers at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) are evaluating functional foods as treatment for chronic human inflammatory diseases—such as obesity, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and osteoarthritis—through preclinical and clinical trials.

Unique selling point/competitive advantage

The USQ Functional Foods Research Group have collaborated extensively with national and international partners from industry and research institutes and have established relationships with regional communities.

USQ has well-established pre-clinical and clinical research methodology, world-class research facilities, and extensive publication in international peer-reviewed journals. The researchers also have a track record in securing competitive research funding.

Investment or collaboration opportunities

USQ seeks investors to provide support for pilot trials to identify better interventions for chronic human diseases.

USQ also seeks collaborators to provide access to complementary expertise and resources to enhance the research outputs.

Intellectual property rights

USQ owns the intellectual property rights.


Professor Lindsay Brown

Dr Sunil Panchal

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