The Australian Centre for Cancer Glycomics (A2CG)

The A2CG is a pioneering hub of advanced infrastructure and innovative researchers, dedicated to mapping the cancer glycome and translating these discoveries into novel cancer therapies.

Unique selling point/competitive advantage

Research conducted at the A2CG has the ability to:

  • identify cancer glycans as novel diagnostic disease markers
  • identify carbohydrate tumour biomarkers and develop monoclonal antibodies and drug technologies
  • conduct advanced imaging of histopathological tissue slides for precision and targeted medicine
  • develop rapid, bedside diagnostic tools using focused glycomics and glycoproteomics.

Investment or collaboration opportunities

The A2CG seeks a foundation partner aspiring to enhance the prospects of cancer patients by funding a 5-year program to systematically mine the human cancer glycome. The centre looks to engage with industry early in the value chain to ensure scientific discoveries can be translated to commercial cancer solutions.


Dr Chris Davis
General Manager
Phone: +61 7 555 27033

More information

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