Get Ready Tourism - Preparing your business for risks and emergencies

Queensland tourism businesses thrive on our State's natural advantages, however the industry and individual businesses can also be affected by a wide range of natural and man-made risks and emergencies. It's not a matter of if your business will be affected, but when.

The Get Ready Tourism information and checklists are designed to support tourism businesses to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a crisis or emergency event.

We've provided essential information to help your business become risk-ready. The information is intended as a reminder of key actions and steps—comprehensive information, toolkits and resources can be found at Get Ready Queensland.

This guide outlines 5 steps that will help ensure your business is better prepared for risks and emergencies:

  1. Understand: identify the types of risks and emergency events that could affect your tourism business.
  2. Prepare: understand your tourism business's exposure to risk and identify the steps to prepare an effective response plan.
  3. Respond: identify the key steps that your business needs to take in the first 24 hours following a crisis or emergency, and essential actions in the short to medium term.
  4. Recover: read actions required to get your business up and running and ready to welcome visitors back.
  5. Communicate: learn how to respond to media and customers in the event of a major emergency.

This initiative is jointly funded by the Australia and Queensland Government's under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA).


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