Crowd controller checks

Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulations (OLGR) compliance officers are authorised under the Security Providers Act 1993 and related regulations to conduct checks to ensure that liquor licensees and crowd controllers are complying with this legislation.

OLGR compliance officers will check that a crowd controller register is being kept at the venue (if applicable), that all entries are complete (in ink) and that it is readily available for inspection.

They will also check:

  • all crowd controllers have a current security provider licence, endorsed with the crowd controller function
  • verification of the crowd controller’s current residential address by checking their driver licence
  • whether crowd controllers are identifiable as crowd controllers and have a unique ID number displayed on their chest
  • correct details are entered in the incident register such as crowd controller’s name, licence number, start and finish times, etc.

Any information obtained or breaches found will be referred to the Office of Fair Trading.

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