Application process for new liquor licences

How to apply for a new liquor licence

Once you have worked out what type of liquor licence you need, you can find that licence on the Australian Business Licence and Information service (ABLIS) website.

Find the correct ABLIS information for your licence type.

ABLIS has more detailed information about each licence type, including:

  • how to apply for a liquor licence (with links to application forms)
  • application fees and charges
  • ongoing fees and charges
  • how to update, transfer or surrender a liquor licence or permit.

Follow the process described on ABLIS to apply for a liquor licence or permit.

Fees and charges

Each liquor licence has its own application fees, annual licence fees and other charges. These are outlined on the ABLIS page for each licence.

Advertising requirements

Once you have lodged your application forms, you may be required to place an advertisement outside your licensed premises.

Read more about advertising liquor licence applications.

Approval process for new liquor licence applications

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) grants licences based on whether you are a 'fit and proper' person to hold a liquor licence. Read Guideline 07: Fit and proper or suitable person for more information

The community impact, public objections and submissions (if any) and the suitability of the premises will also influence OLGR's decision to grant a licence.

If your application is refused, you can lodge a request for review with the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Processing times for new liquor licence applications

Provided all information is lodged and there are no issues identified during the assessment process, most applications for new liquor licences are finalised in around 3 months. This timeframe may be affected by circumstances where there is also an application for a gaming machine licence.

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