Approved managers, wine nominees and training for staff of licensed premises

There are certain requirements that apply to approved managers and approved wine nominees under a liquor licence, as well as for the training for staff in licensed venues.

Approved manager (liquor)

Certain licence types require an individual licensee or an approved manager to be on site or reasonably available during ordinary trading hours and extended trading hours.

Find out how to apply to become an approved manager.

Note: There are some exemptions, which are outlined in Guideline 43: Approved managers.

Approved nominee (wine)

A wine nominee is an individual responsible for premises covered by a wine licence. They are responsible for ensuring that wine is sold on the licensed premise only.

A wine nominee is required if the licensee:

  • is a partnership or corporation
  • is the licensee at more than 1 premises (e.g. a satellite cellar door).

Note: Wine producer licensees may have more than 1 nominee at any time.

Find out how to apply to become a wine nominee.

Training for liquor licensees and staff of licensed premises

Liquor licensees and staff working in licensed venues may need the following training:

Responsible management of licensed venues (RMLV) training

RMLV training is a mandatory requirement for:

  • licensees (if individuals)
  • approved managers.

Note: RMLV training may also be required for permit holders under certain circumstances.

Responsible service of alcohol (RSA) training

RSA training is a mandatory requirement for:

  • licensees (if individuals)
  • any staff serving or supplying alcohol at the licensed premises (this includes approved managers, bartenders, glass collectors, floor staff and room service staff).

Note: If you have an RMLV certificate you are considered to have been trained in RSA.

Responsible service of gaming (RSG) training

RSG training is mandatory for all people who carry out gaming duties or gaming tasks within a licensed club or licensed hotel, including:

  • an eligible licensee
  • a gaming nominee
  • any person performing gaming duties or tasks.

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