Permanent changes to liquor licences

If you already hold a Queensland liquor licence and want to change your licence or extend your approved trading hours, you will need to apply for a permit or change to your liquor licence.

If you are a non-proprietary organisation wanting to serve alcohol temporarily or at a special event, you may need to apply for a permit. (Note: Under certain circumstances you may be exempt from this requirement).

The following liquor permits and changes to liquor licences are available under the Liquor Act 1992 and the Wine Industry Act 1994.

Permanent change to a liquor licence

Extended trading hours (ongoing)

To permanently change your trading hours, apply for approved extended trading hours.

Permanent variation of licence conditions

To change the conditions of your liquor licence, apply for a permanent variation of licence.

Alterations and additions to licensed premises

An application is required when you propose to make alterations without any change to the licensed area description (e.g. remove a wall, lengthen a bar).

Read the application to alter, rebuild or change the premises (Form 23) for more information.

Increase or decrease of licensed area (permanent)

If you plan to permanently increase or decrease the licensed area and/or alter or rebuild it in a way that will affect the licensed area description, you will need approval.

Read the application to change the licensed area (permanent) (Form 24) and Guideline 35: Licensed areas and Guideline 40: Application to alter, rebuild, change or increase the area of the licensed premises for more information.

Off-premises catering

If you hold a commercial other subsidiary on-premises licence, nightclub or commercial hotel licence, apply for off-premises catering (i.e. catering for functions held away from the main licensed premises).

Read the application for catering endorsement on licence (Form 18) for more information.

Detached bottle shops

You can apply to operate up to 3 detached bottle shops away from the main premises, if you hold a commercial hotel licence.

Satellite cellar door

If you hold a wine producer licence, apply for a satellite cellar door to sell or give away your wine on other premises.

Gratuitous supply of liquor

You can apply to have an area of a licensed premises designated for gratuitous supply of liquor after approved trading hours. Find out more by reading Guideline 31: Gratuitous supply of liquor.

Sell and supply craft beer or artisan liquor at promotional events

If you hold a commercial other producer/wholesaler licence or artisan producer licence that is related to a craft brewery or artisan distillery (see section 4 of the Liquor Act for definitions), you may apply to sell and supply at promotional events craft beer with a craft beer producer endorsement or artisan liquor with artisan spirits producer endorsement.

If you are an interstate craft brewery or artisan distillery, you will need a liquor-related permit – a craft beer producer permit or artisan spirits producer permit.

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