How to conduct a lawful funny money night

Organisations that wish to host 'funny money nights' in a public place in Queensland do not require a licence or permit. However, to host a legal funny money night you must comply with requirements in the Criminal Code Act 1899.

The lists below outline what you can and can't do when hosting funny money nights.

What is legal

  • You can charge an admission fee or donation may be charged for entry into the event (the fundraising amount).
  • You must distribute play money, gaming chips and tokens fairly to participants.
  • You can allow additional play money, gaming chips, tokens, etc. to be purchased during the event.

What is not legal

  • You must not allow play money, chips, tokens, etc. to be:
    • redeemed for money or anything of value
    • used for the purpose of bidding in an auction either during or after the event
    • used to otherwise determine the winner of a prize.
  • You must not allow patrons to:
    • risk a stake on the outcome
    • win or lose anything of value while playing the games
    • gamble in a public place.

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