Competitions, raffles, bingo and other charitable games

Art unions, raffles, bingo, lucky envelopes, Calcutta sweeps and promotional games (trade promotions or competitions) are regulated under the Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Act 1999.

Under the Act, these different games are broken into categories, some of which require a licence.

Category 1 games

  • Includes raffles (art unions), sweeps, Calcutta sweeps, football doubles, lucky door prizes, bingo
  • Gross proceeds are not more than $2,000
  • The total value of prizes in any raffle must be at least 20% of the estimated gross proceeds (total ticket sales)
  • Can be conducted by a non-profit association and, in limited cases, an individual
  • Read the Guide to category 1 games up to $2000 (total ticket sales)
  • Does not require a licence

Category 2 games

Category 3 games

Special category 3 games

  • Must be a person intending to conduct a single art union for the welfare or benefit of individuals who need help because of a disaster or a disadvantaged individual
  • Gross proceeds are more than $5,000
  • Requires a special category 3 gaming licence

Category 4 promotional games (trade promotions)

  • These are free entry draws conducted to promote goods or services
  • Any person may conduct a promotional game; however, they are normally conducted by businesses to promote the sale of products
  • Read the Guide to category 4 promotional games
  • Does not require a licence

Bingo centres

  • A bingo centre is where 2 or more eligible associations conduct, between them, more than 25 bingo sessions each week
  • Requires a bingo centre licence

Lucky envelopes

  • Lucky envelopes are a type of pre-determined lottery. They are sold as 'break-open' type tickets where the correct combination of numbers/letters/pictures on the tickets produces a winner
  • Lucky envelopes can be conducted by an eligible association
  • An eligible association must not sell lucky envelopes unless the envelopes have been printed under a licence
  • Requires a lucky envelopes printer's licence

Tipping competitions

  • Can be conducted by an individual or an association
  • All proceeds must be returned to the players as prizes
  • Does not require a licence


Charitable and non-profit gaming operates under the following legislation:

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