Funny money or casino nights

'Funny money' nights (also called 'casino nights') are a common fundraising event for organisations. Players in funny money nights play for entertainment value only and with the knowledge that the proceeds from the night will benefit the organisation.

Attendees generally pay an entrance fee and receive a specified amount of unredeemable token money to play gambling games usually associated with a casino (e.g. roulette and blackjack).

While you do not need a licence or permit to conduct a funny money night in Queensland, your organisation must comply with the requirements of lawful gaming under the Criminal Code Act 1899.

Funny money nights become an 'unlawful game' under the Criminal Code Act if players risk a stake on the outcome. This includes players, at the end of an event, using the chips or funny money to bid in an auction, or if the player with the highest number of chips receives a prize.

This guide explains your legal obligations when running a funny money night, and the penalties for non-compliance.