Gaming guideline G12: Installing linked jackpot systems

This guideline advises licensees of specific requirements regarding the location of gaming machines and signage when installing or relocating gaming machines that are part of a linked jackpot system.

This, in conjunction with the following guidelines, replaces Gaming guideline G03: Plans that was issued in 2009:

Linked jackpot signage

Patrons must be able to clearly identify which gaming machines are participating in the link and those that are not.

Signage that shows the value of the particular jackpot must be installed by a licensed repairer, in the gaming area above the gaming machines that participate in the link. You must take care to avoid situations where jackpot displays overhang machines that are not part of the jackpot system.

Location of linked jackpot gaming machines

Gaming machines that form part of a linked jackpot:

  • must not stand alone
  • must be adjacent to another machine on the link.

It is acceptable to offer the same link in more than 1 location at the venue, only if:

  • machines are grouped in each location
  • and
  • relevant signage is placed above each group of machines.

When relocating gaming machines, licensees must ensure that any gaming machine that forms part of a linked jackpot is not displaced from other machines in the link or the necessary jackpot displays and signage.

For more information, contact OLGR on 13 QGOV (13 74 68) or email

Re-issued 12 July 2019

(Issued July 2003 and re-issued January 2009 as part of guideline G03: Plans)

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