How we sell state-owned quarry material

We issue sales permits under the Forestry Act 1959 (Qld) which allow you to extract and remove rocks, sand and gravel (quarry material) from state forests, timber reserves and other state-owned land, such as leasehold land.

We also issue permits on other land where the State owns the quarry material, including some freehold land.

A number of private and local government quarries operate on state land, and on land where we retain rights to the quarry material.

We occasionally advertise expressions of interest for the purchase of quarry materials. When these opportunities become available, we will publish the details here.

Enquire about purchasing quarry material by contacting the Customer Service Centre on 13 25 23.

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Sale of quarry material products

When available, quarry material is any stone, gravel, sand, rock, clay and earth that is not defined as a mineral under the Mineral Resources Act 1989.

Sales permits

A sales permit is issued under the Forestry Act to allow the removal and use of state-owned quarry material.

It is a legal agreement between the State of Queensland and a permittee, and sets out the commercial terms, rights and performance requirements agreed between the parties.

Permit holders are required to meet safety, environmental, planning and other considerations. For further information on environmental and planning requirements, refer to Quarry material administered under the Forestry Act 1959.

Land tenures with quarry material

State-owned quarry material is located on State forests and timber reserves.

The State also owns quarry material on land leased under the Land Act 1994, such as:

  • pastoral leases
  • grazing homestead perpetual leases
  • term leases
  • perpetual leases.

The State may also own quarry material on:

  • reserves
  • deeds of grant in trust
  • permits to occupy
  • occupation licences
  • roads
  • unallocated state land.

On freehold land, the State may also own quarry material under the Forestry Act where the ownership has been retained through a reservation on a deed of grant under the Land Act.

In tidal waters covered by a lease or licence, quarry material also falls within the Forestry Act, and you will require a sales permit to extract and remove this material.

Selling or using quarry material on leasehold land

You cannot sell or remove state-owned quarry material from leasehold land without a sales permit, unless specifically authorised to do so under other legislation.

As the leaseholder, you may use quarry material if you:

  • do not remove it from the land
  • use it only for the construction, maintenance or repair of essential infrastructure
  • ensure the use is consistent with the purpose of your granted lease as issued under the Land Act.

Establishing a new quarry

You will need a sales permit to quarry state-owned quarry material.

We can provide advice on your proposal. If we endorse your proposal, we will work with you to develop commercial terms and conditions before issuing a sales permit under the Forestry Act.

Prior to commencing operations, you will be required to:

  • consider native title
  • address environmental issues
  • obtain any necessary planning approvals.

You may also need a quarry management or operational plan that reflects relevant legislation, codes of practice and industry standards. This includes environmentally responsible site management and rehabilitation measures.

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