Forests and wood

Learn about the forestry industry, timber and wood products and plantation management.


Responsible management of Queensland's native forests

Queensland’s native forests are managed sustainably in a way that encourages natural regeneration and abides by Australian and international standards.

Plantation forestry in Queensland

Information about plantation forestry in Queensland for plantation forestry managers.

Wood properties and uses of Australian timbers

Properties and identifying features of wood and timber trees grown in Queensland.

Using timber

Learn how and why timber is used within the construction industry in Queensland.

Pests and diseases of trees and timber

Keeping trees healthy and protecting them from pests and diseases is important to the long-term productivity and sustainability of forests.

Forest and timber industry in Queensland

Read an overview of the forest and timber industry: activities, economic contribution, newsletters and associations.

Occupation permits for state forests

Find out about occupation permits for state forests in Queensland.