Defined forest area

The defined forest area is the area of State-owned native forest over which the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries applies its forest management system, and is subject to the requirements of the Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management AS 4708-2013.

The defined forest area includes eligible areas of State forest and timber reserves available for the supply of timber and other forest products.

Under the Forestry Act 1959, the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries retains an interest in forest products and quarry material on other state land outside of the defined forest area.

Defined forest area maps

A defined forest area map is available through the Queensland Globe.

To view this map:

  • Click on Layers.
  • Click on Add layers.
  • In the list of layers, expand Economy.
  • Expand Forestry and click on Defined forest area.
  • Zoom into your area of interest.

Once you have located your area of interest you can pull up details using the toolbar option.

A range of other contextual information is available on the Queensland Globe, including state forest boundaries. This can be located by:

  • In the list of layers expand Environment.
  • Expand Parks and click on Protected areas.

For further assistance refer the tutorial titled Querying data and Places available through Help.

The spatial data for the defined forest area can also be downloaded from QSpatial in various formats. If necessary, search for 'defined forest area'.

Contact us if you require a copy of our defined forest area maps.