Defined forest area

The defined forest area (DFA) is the area of State-owned native forest over which the Queensland Government's Forest Products unit applies its Forest Management System which is subject to the requirements of the Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management AS 4708-2013.

This includes State Forest and Timber Reserve areas and other state land available for the supply of timber and other forest products.

Forest products and quarry material on other state land (not currently shown on the DFA maps) are subject to the Forestry Act 1959 and still of interest to us.

Defined forest area maps

To use the maps below open the defined forest area index map and locate the area of interest, then select the corresponding map from the list below.

Contact us if you require DFA maps of a larger scale.

SC 54

SD 54

SD 55

SE 54

SE 55

SF 54

SF 55

SF 56

SG 54

SG 55

SG 56

SH 55

SH 56