Indigenous fishing permit

An Indigenous fishing permit allows an Aboriginal person or Torres Strait Islander person or community to trial a commercial fishing activity, without first holding the standard commercial fishing licences.

This permit can't be renewed or transferred.

Who is eligible

All applicants must be:

  • an Aboriginal person or Torres Strait Islander person
  • 18 years or over.

Before you begin

Contact Fisheries Queensland on 13 25 23 or email to:

  • discuss your proposed fishing activity
  • find out which species you can fish for under this permit.

How to apply

Read the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander commercial fishing development policy.

Complete the permit application form.

Attach the supporting information:

  • a business plan detailing
    • where you want to fish
    • which species you want to fish for – if a species has an Indigenous commercial allocation, how much are you requesting (e.g. 1 tonne red throat emperor and 1 tonne of 'other species' in the coral reef fishery)
    • the size of your boat
    • how you will obtain the necessary finance, equipment and training
    • how you will comply with other legislative requirements for a commercial operation (e.g. food handling requirements and Australian Maritime Safety Authority commercial fishing boat requirements)
    • how your proposed commercial fishing activity could turn into more permanent arrangements following the trial period
  • proof that you are an Aboriginal person or Torres Strait Islander person (see section 8.2 of the policy for details)
  • a sustainability statement that outlines how the proposed commercial fishing activity will be environmentally sustainable (see section 8.3 of the policy)
  • economic benefits for yourself or your community (see section 8.4 of the policy)
  • a statement of support from the Traditional Owners or native title holders in the area where you want to fish. If a statement of support is not provided, please include a reason why (see section 8.5 of the policy).

After you submit

We aim to assess your permit application within 90 calendar days.

Sometimes this process takes longer because the application is complex, or not all the information is provided at the time of application.