Developmental fishing permit

Developmental fishing enables fishers to investigate the viability of new commercial fishing activities, including:

  • targeting new, unallocated or currently non-commercial species
  • using different or modified types of fishing gear
  • exploring new areas for fisheries resources.

You need a permit from Fisheries Queensland if you want to participate in a developmental fishery.

These permits can't be renewed or transferred.

Who is eligible

The permit can be held by either:

  • individual applicants
  • in the name of a company.

All applicants must be 18 years or over.

How to apply

  1. Complete the permit application.
  2. Pay the application fee: $6,911.25.

Your application should include supporting information that addresses:

  • ecologically sustainability
    • details of the proposed developmental fishing activity and harvest method
    • information demonstrating that fisheries resources can sustain the impacts associated with the proposed activity
  • economic viability
    • statement of skills and previous experience in the relevant field
    • product and market analysis (your chosen market and your position in the market)
    • marketing plan (your strategies to attract and keep clients)
    • operating plan (how the business works)
    • financial plan (your investment expected turnover, estimated profit and cash flow projections)
    • risk management plan
  • social acceptability
    • details of how the proposed fishing activity will minimise conflict with other fisheries resources stakeholders
    • details and outcomes of industry or community consultation
    • details and outcomes of any consultation with Indigenous groups
  • any letters of support from industry or community groups.

After you submit

Fisheries Queensland uses information from your application to investigate the viability of the proposed new fishery. A developmental fishery may not always be formalised as a new fishery.