Filleting permit

Commercial reef line (RQ) and Spanish mackerel (SM) fishers with good quota integrity compliance history may be eligible for a filleting permit.

These permits can't be renewed or transferred.

Who is eligible

Primary commercial fishing licence holders:

  • with good quota integrity compliance history
  • and
  • authorised to operate in either the:
    • Line fishery (reef)
    • or
    • East coast Spanish mackerel fishery.

How to apply

If you are eligible:

Attach supporting information:

  • why you need to fillet your product (e.g. modified business practices, development of new products or markets)
  • type, quantity and dimensions of all the equipment to be used.

Submit the completed application by either:

After you apply

Allow 28 days for submissions to be assessed.

If the permit is approved, you must:

  • keep a copy available on your vessel at all times
  • read and follow the permit conditions carefully.

Breaching permit conditions may result in your permit being cancelled, or impact future permit applications.