Land use and mapping tools for agriculture

To undertake new agricultural business or diversify existing projects, refer to mapping to determine:

  • suitability of soils and climate
  • available infrastructure and land zoning
  • natural resource constraints or opportunities.

Land use

Spatial, satellite and imagery tools

Weather and climate

Crop suitability

  • View groups of crops grown in Queensland's broadacre cropping regions using satellite imagery from the Queensland Crop Monitoring Program.
  • Map suitable land and crops and access market data on crops along the Fitzroy River.
  • Assess your land for soil suitability for a range of crops, planting seasons and systems for managing irrigation using the Northern Australia Water Resource Assessment Explorer (NAWRA-explorer).
  • Strategic cropping land (SCL) is land that is, or is likely to be, highly suitable for cropping because of a combination of the land's soil, climate and landscape features.
  • AgMargins is a web-based gross margin calculator and reporting tool for broadacre and horticultural crops across Queensland.
  • CropARM (formerly WhopperCropper) uses 100 years of rainfall records to predict year-to-year yield and gross margin outcomes to help farmers make critical management decisions before cropping seasons.
  • NitrogenARM calculates the required rate for applying nitrogen fertiliser, based on the difference between the demand and supply of nitrogen for cereal crops.
  • FallowARM calculates the possible range of soil water and soil nitrogen that is likely to accumulate over specific lengths of fallow, at specific starting times.
  • ClimateARM analyses rainfall and other climate variables at individual locations, taking into account seasonal patterns and forecasts.
  • The Deep-P calculator determines the best rate of phosphorus to apply at depth, and the economic outcomes for multi-season crop rotation.

Ground cover and vegetation


  • View the Queensland soils data, including interpreting soil-mapping data, mapping resources, survey types and land evaluation schemes.
  • The Australian Soil Resource Information System includes descriptions of soils and landscapes, and more detailed information one soil thickness, water storage, permeability, salinity, fertility and erodibility.

Water and coastal

Species and biodiversity

Infrastructure and transport