Economic forecasts and trends in agriculture

Access reliable statistics and data to inform your business decisions.

Data Farm

Visit Data Farm to view current and future trends in production, export, and employment in Queensland’s agriculture, fisheries and forestry industries.

Data Farm is an interactive visual display of regional and trade datasets.

Use this information to:

  • interpret industry trends
  • inform your management and investment decisions on farm
  • provide market intelligence
  • guide long-term investments.

AgTrends Spatial

Access the AgTrends Spatial app to view economic data for Queensland's primary industries.

This data can help you:

  • inform natural disaster response
  • plan for agriculture
  • protect important agricultural land
  • assess land for agriculture
  • assess availability of water resources
  • generate reports for any region or area of interest
    • agricultural economic profile reports
    • agricultural values assessment reports.

Regional agricultural economic profiles are based on Australian Bureau of Statistics census data. This data is forecast using the AgTrends report.

Queensland AgTrends report

View agricultural economic forecast and trend reports for industry in Queensland.