Submit water release monitoring and tracking data online

If your business has been approved to release water into the environment, you may be able to use our Water Tracking and Electronic Reporting System (WaTERS) to submit monitoring and tracking data online.

In Queensland, you need approval for certain types of water releases to the environment under the Environmental Protection Act 1994.

The following types of businesses can use WaTERS:

  • medium to large sewage treatment plants
  • coal and metalliferous mines
  • selected coal seam gas activities
  • abattoirs and aquaculture farms
  • other major industries including refineries, fertiliser plants and chemical manufacturers.

WaTERS features

WaTERS can store many types of water monitoring data, for example from a release pipe, from into a stream or river, or from the groundwater around a facility.

You can use WaTERS to:

  • report concentrations of contaminants such as nutrients, organic matter, suspended solids, metals, salinity, pathogens and chlorine
  • report water release volumes
  • submit notifications to comply with your approval conditions
  • receive notifications when your data is due.

Your data is stored online on our secure system.

WaTERS automatically checks this data against approval limits and notifies the Department of Environment, Science and Innovation each time you make a submission.

Email for more information.

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