Check if you're registered as a biosecurity entity

If you own or keep certain animals in Queensland, you must be registered as a biosecurity entity. Read more about who must be registered.

In certain circumstances, you may have been registered automatically.

Who should check their registration status

Before applying to register, check your registration status if you:

  • have registered as biosecurity entity since July 2016
  • held a property identification code (PIC) on 1 July 2016, when the Biosecurity Act 2014 came into effect. Anyone who held a PIC on that date was automatically registered as a biosecurity entity.

How to check if you are registered

If you're already registered as a biosecurity entity (either because you were automatically registered or because you registered yourself since 1 July 2016), you can view and manage your registration details on the biosecurity entity registration portal.

To check if you're registered, enter your details (name, address etc.) online.

If your details match an existing registration, you'll receive an email confirming that you are registered. This email will also:

  • tell you how to activate your online account
  • ask you to update your contact details (the details we have for you, based on your PIC registration, might be outdated).

If your registration can't be found

If we can't match your details, it might be because you're not registered. However, it might also be because the details we have for you, based on your original PIC registration:

  • have changed (e.g. your address or phone number)
  • are in a different format from your new portal details (e.g. your original details might have been your initials, instead of your full name).

If your details can't be matched to an existing registration, you'll be asked to phone our Customer Service Centre on 13 25 23. We'll then be able to confirm if you are in fact registered, or help you to register.