Reporting requirements for animal ethics committees and institutions

Institutions and their animal ethics committees (AECs) are required to provide a number of reports, including:

Type of report

Submitter of the report

Recipient of the report

Relevant legislation

AEC's annual report


Governing body of the institution that established the AEC

Clauses 2.3.28 and 2.3.29 of the Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes (scientific use code)

Annual animal use statistics (AUS) report

Registrant (individual or institution)

Biosecurity Queensland

section 87 of the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 (ACPA)

Other reports as required

Registrant, AEC or investigator

Funding bodies,
other government departments, other agencies

Other legislation, contracts or funding agreements (e.g. National Health and Medical Research Council, Australian Research Council)

Annual report to AEC's institution

The scientific use code requires the AEC to submit a written report annually to the governing body of the institution.

The report informs institutional management about the operation of the AEC and identifies any problems the institution will need to address.

The AEC chair must oversee preparation of the report and meet with the governing body of the institution to assess the report and review the operation of the AEC. The report should provide information on:

  • numbers and types of projects and activities assessed, and approved or rejected
  • the physical facilities for the care and use of animals by the institution
  • actions that have supported the educational and training needs of AEC members and people involved in the care and use of animals
  • administrative or other difficulties being experienced
  • any matters that may affect the institution's ability to maintain compliance with the code and, if appropriate, provide suitable recommendations.

AUS report to Biosecurity Queensland

The ACPA requires anyone registered with Biosecurity Queensland as a user of animals for scientific purposes (the registrant) to provide an annual report to Biosecurity Queensland on their animal use.

Registrants must submit the animal use statistics (AUS) report by 31 May each year for animals used in the previous calendar year using Biosecurity Queensland's submission process. The AUS report provides details of:

  • registrant and the AEC that approved the use
  • number and type of animals used
  • the broad purpose of each activity
  • the category of welfare impact for each activity
  • details of any complaints and grievances relating to scientific use.

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Who should submit the AUS Report?

The ACPA requires the registrant to provide the AUS report to Biosecurity Queensland. A registrant can be either an individual or a corporation and, in the case of joint projects, it is important that the animals used are reported only once to avoid duplication. The different investigators and/or institutions involved in the project must decide at the start of the project who will submit the report.

Reports should be submitted by or on behalf of the registrant. The registrant may report directly to Biosecurity Queensland or arrange with its AEC for the AEC to submit the report on the registrant's behalf.

Registrants or their AECs should collect and collate the required information from individual investigators or teachers that used animals. They should provide information on each activity to the AEC via annual progress reports or completion reports.