Recordkeeping for animal ethics committees and institutions

Animal ethics committees (AECs) and institutions must keep records as required by the Australian code for the use of animals for scientific purposes (scientific use code).

These records should be kept for a minimum of 7 years after all related use of animals has been completed.

The chairperson must ensure AEC records are maintained and available for review by the institution and authorised external reviewers.

Records that must be kept by AEC include:

Type of record

Relevant clause(s)

AEC terms of reference

Clause 2.2.18

A register of all applications to the AEC, including the outcomes of the AEC's deliberations

Clause 2.2.30 (i)

AEC minutes that record decisions and other aspects of the AEC's operation

Clause 2.2.30 (ii)

Records of AEC inspections of animal housing and laboratory facilities including the names of those who attended, observations, any identified problems, recommended actions, ongoing or outstanding issues and outcomes

Clauses 2.2.30 (iii)


We recommend that the register be in the form of a database that provides access to data for reporting and monitoring purposes.