Maps and mapping tools for agricultural projects

To undertake new agricultural business, or diversify or intensify existing, or related, supply chain projects, you often need to refer to mapping, for example, to determine:

  • suitability of soils and climate
  • available infrastructure and land zoning
  • natural resource constraints or opportunities.

Use the links below to a range of mapping tools, searches and services to assist you to begin investigating the suitability of a site, proposal or investment.

Land and crop suitability

AgTrends Spatial mapping tool

AgTrends Spatial is a powerful tool that can generate maps for existing and potential commodity production areas as well as reports on economic profiles. Access AgTrends Spatial datasets and reports.

Crop mapping

Map the groups of crops grown in Queensland's broadacre cropping regions using satellite imagery from the Queensland Crop Monitoring Program.

Potential for irrigated crops along the Fitzroy River

When constructed, the proposed Rookwood Weir will enable agricultural development along the Fitzroy River, extending inland 5km from each side of the river. Use our tool to map suitable land and crops, and access market data on crops.

Ground cover

Read about ground cover mapping and accessing mapping products. Landholders, natural resource managers and government monitor and map ground cover to manage land more effectively.

Australian land use mapping

The Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) provides national and catchment land-use data. Download land-use mapping data to find out how land is used (e.g. for food production, forestry, nature conservation, water storage or urban development).

Queensland land use mapping program (QLUMP)

Identify land use patterns and changes to help you manage your natural resources using QLUMP.

Northern Australia Water Resource Assessment Explorer (NAWRA-explorer)

Assess your land for soil suitability for a range of crops, planting seasons and systems for managing irrigation using the NAWRA-explorer.

Australian Soil Resource Information System (ASRIS)

The Australian Soil Resource Information System offers descriptions of soils and landscapes, as well as more detailed information relating to soil thickness, water storage, permeability, salinity, fertility and erodibility.

Soils data

Read about Queensland soils data, including interpreting soil-mapping data, mapping resources, survey types and land evaluation schemes.

Strategic cropping land maps

Strategic cropping land (SCL) is land that is, or is likely to be, highly suitable for cropping because of a combination of the land's soil, climate and landscape features. The information for the SCL trigger map comes from the Agricultural Land Audit and Queensland Land Use Mapping Program.

QTopo – online topographic maps

Use QTopo to view or download Queensland's topography. Topographic maps are detailed representations of natural and man-made features that appear on the Earth's surface.

Water and coastal

Spatial, satellite and imagery tools

Species and biodiversity


Use the following links to identify existing and proposed infrastructure on or around your proposed development location.


Mapping fire scars

Mapping fire scars (the visibly blackened land surface left after bushfires) and historical fire information can help you understand and manage fire and its interactions with climate variability, vegetation and land use.

North Australia and Rangelands Fire Information map

Track fires and hotspots, and view fire scars and history for North Australia and rangelands.

Rainfall and weather


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