Restricted electrical licence system

The national restricted electrical licence (NREL) system is a program of training and assessment for obtaining restricted electrical licences. It is used in all states and territories in Australia.

The NREL helps employers and prospective applicants to evaluate the effort needed to obtain a restricted electrical licence. It will also help you to understand the scope of electrical work that can be done with a restricted electrical licence.

The NREL assists non-electrically trained persons get a restricted electrical licence to do a limited range of electrical work as part of their function.

A restricted electrical work licence authorises the holder to do electrical work linked to or for the purposes of their trade or calling. It is subject to restrictions or conditions as specified on the licence.

A restricted electrical work licence does not authorise the holder of the licence to carry out installation work. Restricted electrical licences apply to specific work area categories and units of competence.

If you wish to apply for a restricted electrical licence, you will need to submit an application for a restricted electrical work licence/permit (other than an apprentice) (PDF, 145KB). An application fee applies.

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