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Classes of electrical work licences

To perform specific types of licensed electrical work, you must hold the relevant electrical licence.

Electrical mechanic licence/open electrical work licence

An electrical mechanic licence authorises all electrical work such as:

  • installing or changing an overhead electrical line
  • installing electrical wiring
  • repairing any electrical equipment.

Electrical linesperson licence

An electrical linesperson licence allows you to perform all electric line work such as:

  • building or maintaining an overhead electric line
  • building or maintaining an underground electric line
  • testing of overhead electric lines.

Electrical fitter licence

An electrical fitter licence allows you to perform electrical equipment work such as:

  • rewinding and repairing an electric motor
  • building and assembling a switchboard
  • maintaining/repairing electrical equipment.

Electrical jointer licence

An electrical jointer licence allows you to perform electrical equipment work such as:

  • limited specialist installing, jointing and terminating of electrical cables
  • work relating to electrical cables and equipment such as jointing and terminating a high voltage cable.

Restricted electrical work licence

The restricted electrical work licence limits you to specific electrical work associated with a trade or calling. For example, a refrigeration mechanic requires a restricted electrical licence to work on electrical equipment of refrigeration systems.

Electrical work training permit

This is a training licence that allows electrical work to be performed under specified conditions while being trained.

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