Electrical licences

Electrical work licences and electrical contractor licences are needed for electrical work in Queensland.

If you are planning certain types of work using electrical equipment, you must hold an appropriate electrical work licence. If the licensed electrical work is carried out as part of a business or undertaking, you must hold an electrical contractor licence.

The 6 different types of electrical work licences are:

  • electrical mechanic licence (authorises all electrical work)
  • electrical linesperson licence
  • electrical fitter licence
  • electrical jointer licence
  • restricted electrical work licence
  • an electrical work training permit.

The 2 different types of electrical contractor licences are:

  • unrestricted electrical contractor licence - authorises all electrical work
  • restricted electrical contractor licence - authorises a particular kind of electrical work.

This guide explains the types of electrical work licences, and how you can apply for and renew a licence.