Disciplinary action against electrical licence holders

If you are an electrical worker or electrical contractor, you can face disciplinary action from the Electrical Licensing Committee.

Grounds for disciplinary action include, but are not limited to:

  • performing unsafe, negligent or incompetent electrical work
  • supplying incorrect or misleading information to obtain an electrical licence
  • no longer complying with the eligibility requirements for the licence, and
  • committing an offence under the Electrical Safety Act 2002 (Qld).

The Electrical Licensing Committee may take a range of disciplinary action including:

  • cancelling or amending the licence
  • suspending the licence
  • putting conditions on the licence
  • imposing fines
  • ordering electrical contractors to correct faults or defects.

Important information for electrical contractors

Each electrical contractor licence must have at least 1 qualified technical person and 1 qualified business person. A qualified person must either be an employee of the electrical contractor, a member of the partnership, or an executive officer of the corporation. Only people in these positions can qualify as a business person or a qualified technical person.

An electrical contractor licence will be cancelled if there is no qualified business and/or technical person attached to the licence for a period of 1 month. Make sure your qualified technical person's electrical work licence is current. If your qualified technical person's licence expires and you have no other nominated qualified technical person on your licence, you cannot perform electrical work.

If the qualified technical person or qualified business person on your licence has changed you should advise the Electrical Safety Office by completing the application for addition or change of qualified person/authorised parties for a contractor licence (PDF, 208KB).


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