Support available through the Indigenous Native Food Program

The Indigenous Native Food Program (INFP) provides successful applicants with support to:

  • explore commercial opportunities for existing and new products
  • create new products and/or market opportunities
  • validate product concepts
  • determine what is needed for commercial production, including:
    • equipment
    • processes
    • resources
    • formulations
    • raw materials
    • food safety
    • labelling
  • scale up concept products for commercial production for existing or new markets.

Your proposal will be explored through a multi-stage process. The process can stop at any stage if the product does not prove to be economically viable.

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) food experts will assist in project delivery through inspiration, collaboration and support.

If your product progresses through all the stages, you should be able to enter your product into the market or attract follow-on support from other sources to get your product to market.

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