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Pandemic risk management for business

Read specific information and access business support for coronavirus (COVID-19).

Find information on business recovery to help you reopen and grow your business as COVID-19 business restrictions ease.

A pandemic is a rapidly spreading infectious disease that may pose a global threat. Pandemics can create social and economic chaos. They can severely upset business operations by disrupting the supply chain and causing high absenteeism. This may impede your ability to deliver products and services to your customers.

Managing the threats posed by a pandemic is critical for business survival. A business continuity plan can help you manage the impacts of a pandemic and meet your legal obligations to staff to ensure their safety.

Your business continuity plan will detail your business's risk management strategy and business impact analysis. It will describe how your business intends to respond to an incident, sets out a recovery plan and defines policies and procedures for managing staff and communication.

This guide explains how your business can manage the risks associated with a pandemic.