Monitor business recovery using a checklist

Once a crisis has passed and it is safe to return to your premises, there are a number of steps you may need to take.

Why you should use a checklist

Having key actions written down means you don't need to spend time trying to remember important steps. Checklists also support task delegation.

As part of your recovery plan, a checklist can support your assessment of the extent of any damage after a crisis and help you monitor the recovery process.

This checklist supports you to customise the checklist in your business continuity plan.

Thumbnail of business continuity planning Word template

Download the business continuity plan template

This template includes a recovery section.

Complete the checklist to identify the actions your business should take in the event of a crisis, incident or emergency, then complete the recovery section in the template.

Download the business continuity planning template.

Crisis and recovery checklist

Details of the crisis

Update staff

Contact your insurer

Seek support

Tax assistance

Emotional and crisis support

Review your recovery processes


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