Communicate and monitor your plan

Once you've developed a sales plan, it's important to communicate it effectively to your staff. You may also wish to share some relevant aspects of your plan with critical suppliers so they can help you achieve your sales goals. Your sales plan also needs to identify steps you will take to assess its effectiveness. Remember, your sales plan is a living document and needs to be regularly monitored and updated.

Communicating your sales plan

Your sales team

The success of your sales plan rests on your sales team. Your sales team can't achieve your sales plan targets unless they thoroughly understand the plan. Your sales plan should describe how you will communicate the plan to your staff and how you will train them to implement your plan's actions.

Think about what your team needs to know. This includes:

  • the sales targets, strategies and tactics in your sales plan
  • how to determine what motivates their customers to buy
  • how you will measure their results
  • how they will be rewarded.

Monitoring your sales plan

Your sales plan can help you monitor your sales performance and make ongoing improvements.

Listing your marketing objectives, identify the results you expect your marketing to achieve. These results are measures (numbers) that indicate whether you have achieved your objectives. For example:

Objective: By the end of the third quarter, create awareness in the new identified target
Measure: Obtain responses from at least 2000 new sales leads

After listing your objectives and measures, identify in your sales plan how you will monitor sales results, who will record and check results and how regularly.

This information will allow you to check your sales performance over time and adjust your tactics to improve sales results.