Guarantees, warranties and refunds

As a business owner, both you and your staff must understand your legal obligations to customers when providing them with guarantees, warranties and refunds.

Consumer guarantees for goods and services

There are 9 consumer guarantees that apply to goods, and 3 consumer guarantees that apply to services. You must provide a 'remedy' (e.g. refund, repair, replacement or compensation) to customers if the goods or services you sell fail to meet 1 or more of these guarantees.

Learn more about consumer guarantees applying to goods and consumer guarantees applying to services.

Providing other warranties to customers

While your business automatically provides consumer guarantees when you sell goods or services, you may also provide other warranties. For example, you could offer express warranties, warranties against defects (or manufacturer's warranties), or extended warranties.

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Providing refunds to customers

Your business should have a refund policy that is clear to your customers and your staff. Some refund signs and contract terms are illegal, so you must ensure that your refund policy is sound.

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