Planning to sell

Before you begin selling, you first need to understand your legal obligations. Once you understand fair trading and consumer protection laws, you can then create a sales plan to detail how you will sell your products or services.

Sales laws

As a business you should consider your legal sales obligations to avoid fines, penalties and damaging your reputation.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the Queensland Office of Fair Trading (OFT) administer and enforce the Australian Consumer Law, which covers fair trading and consumer protection, including sales practices such as:

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Ways to sell

When you are planning how you will sell your products, services or experiences, consider using one or more of these ways of selling:

Sales plan

A sales plan will help you define your goals including how much of your product, service or experience you need to sell and how you will achieve these sales.

While a marketing plan looks at market conditions, your position within a market, and how you will reach and persuade an audience, a sales plan focuses on customers.

Your sales plan will include customers' expectations and buying trends. It will concentrate on the sales process and set targets for your sales team to track against.

You should start your sales plan with your sales objectives – the specific goals you want to achieve, such as maintaining your market share, opening up a certain number of new shops, or expanding into new locations and markets.

Next, you should detail the steps you plan to take to achieve each objective. Examples of these steps can include:

  • hiring a salesperson with experience of the target market or the particular geographic area you wish them to focus on
  • setting out how many contacts your sales team should make in a target area in any particular day or week – for example, the number of calls, emails or personal visits they should make.

Your sales plan should end by explaining how you will measure the success of your efforts, not just in terms of an increase in total sales, but also, for example, through an increased conversion rate of calls and visits to sales.

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