Building brand awareness

Once you have developed a brand, you can work on ways to build awareness of it through your marketing plans. You should have a well-developed brand before you begin using it in advertising, sales and marketing activities.

Promoting your brand through advertising, signs and marketing can help customers recognise your business. It's important that you are consistent in the way you use your brand so that customers easily recognise your business in your advertising, marketing material and premises. Consistent use of your brand also helps customers remember your business, and can help improve customer loyalty.

If your brand doesn't attract customers the way you hoped it would, you may need to consider refreshing it, or 'rebranding'. In these cases, you need to revisit your business plan and research your market again to see what's changed. You will need to take similar steps to rebrand as you did to develop your brand, including looking at your whole business and your customers, and working out the vision for your business.

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