Create your unique selling proposition

Your unique selling proposition (USP) is the marketing statement you use to sell your products and services to prospective customers. Unless your target market understands your USP, they may never know why yours is the business they should buy from. Clever design and copywriting in your advertising campaign will incorporate your USP to entice customers to buy from you.

How to develop your USP

To develop your USP, you need to focus on your business. Consider:

  • What do I do that no one else does?
  • What is unique about my business?
  • What is my unique story (e.g. product selection, service standards, staff training)?
  • How can this be made different from my competitors?

Then consider your customers:

  • What does the customer want?
  • What need or want are they really trying to satisfy?
  • What is the main reason my customers buy from me?
  • What can I do to match or exceed those expectations?
  • What can I do to make sure the customer gets what they want?

Answering these questions will help you to establish your competitive advantage—the edge you have over your competition. A floral delivery service may have as its competitive advantage: Fastest local delivery at affordable prices.

One way of using your USP to convey your competitive advantage to your customers is to develop a sales slogan. For example:

  • We deliver on service, on price and on time.
  • Fresh flowers delivered fast.

The catchier your sales slogan the better, because you want your customers to remember it the next time they want to buy what you have to sell. Your USP should be focused on your customers' needs and wants, so tell them:

  • the main benefit they get from doing business with you
  • how what you offer is different from what your competitors offer.

Review your USP

It is important to review your USP on a regular basis. Just because you've developed a USP and used it to advertise your business doesn't mean it will work forever. Your marketplace may change, your competitors may catch up with you, or your customers' wants and needs may be different in the future. Reviewing your USP, and adjusting it if necessary, will help you to keep your advertising fresh and viable.

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