Invoice tips to speed up payments

Providing a detailed invoice to arrive with your product or service can speed up customer payments. You should always issue your invoices promptly.

What to include on an invoice

Make sure your invoice is accurate, easy to understand and includes the following:

  • summary of the total payment amount
  • the due date
  • how to pay the invoice
  • clear description of goods or services provided
  • details of any agreed discounts and how you determined them
  • information about any outstanding payments
  • delivery charges if applicable
  • period of work invoice refers to (if relevant)
  • legal requirements, such as your ABN and the GST amount
  • contact phone number for any queries.

Handle any queries about the invoice or payment fairly and quickly.

Techniques to speed up payments

  • Confirm correct location and contact details so your invoices reach the right person.
  • State clearly on your invoice that you reserve the right to charge a set late fee for overdue invoices.
  • Before sending an amended invoice, contact the customer and tell them what corrections or adjustments you are making and why.
  • Quote any relevant customer reference number they have provided to you, or you have provided to them.