Example invoice – infographic transcript

Use our invoicing infographic (JPG, 354KB) to learn how to set up your own invoice or tax invoice.

Example invoice

Use this as an example of how to set up your invoice or tax invoice.

[Included image shows description text pointing to each section of the example invoice]

  • Description: Company logo
    Example from image: Logo
  • Description: Type of invoice (’Tax invoice’ if you're collecting GST)
    Example from image: Tax invoice
  • Description: Your business details
    Example from image:
    Business name
    Business street address
    Suburb, State, Post code
    Email address
    Phone number
  • Description:
    Client details
    Invoice number
    Date invoice was issued
    Date payment is due
    Purchase order reference
    Example from image:
    Client name
    Client business name
    Invoice number: #0001
    Invoice date: 1/10/2022
    Due 7/10/2022
    Purchase order number
  • Description: Product or service description
    Example from image:
    Description (shown as heading for column 1 of 4)
    Product / service item line 1
    Product / service item line 2
  • Description: Quantity or hours spent
    Example from image:
    Qty (shown as heading for column 2 of 4)
  • Description: Item price or hourly rate
    Example from image:
    Rate (shown as heading for column 3 of 4)
  • Description: Quantity × rate = total amount
    Example from image:
    Total (shown as heading for column 4 of 4)
  • Description: Total before discounts or GST are applied
    Example from image:
    SUB TOTAL: 112.00
    GST: 11.20
  • Description: Total amount to be paid
    Example from image:
    Total: $133.20
  • Description: Personalised message
    Example from image:
    Thank you! We appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to seeing you again soon.
  • Description: Details for how client should pay you (e.g. bank account number, preferred payment method)
    Example from image:
    Payment details (shown as heading)
    Pay via direct debit to:
    Account name
    BSB: xxx – xxx
    Account number: xxx xxx xx
    Email us for other payment options: xxxxx@xxxxx.com.au

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Download the Invoicing 101 infographic (JPG, 354KB).