Advertising a job

A clear, well-written and well-placed job advertisement will attract the best applicants. The type of advertising you do depends on the type of job you are recruiting for. For example, if you are looking for a casual staff member, you may only need to put a sign in your window or advertise on a community noticeboard. If you are recruiting for a manager, you will probably want to advertise in the newspaper or on a job website.

When you are advertising a job, think about how to make it stand out from others. Compare it in terms of pay, employment status and benefits, to jobs that are currently advertised. This will help you work out whether what you are offering is reasonable and will appeal to the kind of applicants you want.

Preparing a job advertisement

Your job advertisement should be concise but still include essential information to help people decide if they want to apply. It should also be well-designed and look professional.

Explain the job and your recruitment process clearly in the advertisement, and give information about your business, including the location.

Make sure you include:

  • a summary of the job description and key responsibilities
  • the skills, experience and knowledge needed, based on the job description
  • clear instructions on how to apply, including whether you want a CV, application form, work samples or responses to selection criteria
  • details of a contact person who applicants can talk to for more information about the job
  • a closing date for applications
  • a start date for the job
  • the pay range
  • a statement about the benefits of the position, and the opportunities for the successful candidate.

Before you advertise the job, check that you have met all your legal obligations. Make sure you are offering correct awards and wages and are meeting anti-discrimination and equal opportunity requirements.

Distributing a job advertisement

Let other people in your business know about the job being advertised, especially those who might receive enquiries about it. Plan how, and by whom, the incoming calls will be dealt with. You may wish to give current staff the opportunity to apply first. Recruiting internally could save you money in advertising, and can be good for staff morale.

Consider the best way to get attention for your advertisement and where the types of applicants you want are likely to look.

You may advertise a job:

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Find out more about your responsibilities when advertising and recruiting from the Queensland Human Rights Commission.