Back to Work

The Back to Work program provides eligible businesses with support services and incentive payments to employ Queenslanders who have experienced a period of unemployment.

The program is available throughout regional Queensland and in areas of South East Queensland experiencing significant labour market challenges.

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Find out what incentive payments or other support you could be eligible for under the Back to Work program.

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About the Back to Work program

Find out about the Back to Work program which provides employers and job seekers with financial and non-financial support.

Employer Incentive Payment

The Employer Incentive Payment provides payments of up to $15,000 to employers who hire eligible unemployed Queenslanders.

Youth Boost payment

Support payments of up to $20,000 are available to employers who hire an eligible unemployed Queenslander between 15-24 years old.

Small Business Support Pool

Eligible businesses can access a payment of up to $2,000 to retain employees supported through the Back to Work incentive payments.

Growing Workforce Participation Fund

Grant funding from $20,000 up to $200,000 is available to industry groups to boost workforce participation.

Applying through QGrants

Find information to help you complete an online application through QGrants for the Back to Work employer support payments or the Small Business Support Pool.

Guidelines and resources

Find guidelines and resources relevant to Back to Work support payments.

Harrison tool for employee retention

A questionnaire for employees that helps employers learn more about their employees and how to build long-lasting working relationships.

Free short courses

Back to Work offers short micro-credential courses to support employers to recruit and retain their employees.

Support for job seekers

Contact a Back to Work Jobseeker officer to access career advice, training, and other services and support that can help you find a job that suits you.

Contact a Back to Work team

Find contacts for Back to Work officers across Queensland, who support employers and job seekers locally.

Check your eligibility for Back to Work support

Find out what incentive payments or other support you could be eligible for under the Back to Work program.