Mature Workers Mean Business - Sniffers Group - transcript

Hear from Sniffers Group, winner of the Mature Workers Mean Business Award, talk about the benefits of employing mature aged workers in their business.

[Stephen Orchard, Managing Director]

Traditionally Sniffers Group started as a plant hire business and has evolved probably over the last four or five years. Basically a one stop shop for our clients from the start of the job to the finish. The main advantage of having an older workforce is the experience and knowledge and they tend to take a little bit of time and bit more care and also training the younger guys. We've got school based apprentices and we rely on the older guys, they're a bit more relaxed and a bit more giving with their time.

[Mark Loy, Float driver]

My name is Mark Loy. My main role here at Sniffers is float driver. We're not young anymore, we take a little longer to do things, but Steve's pretty good that way. If I'm unable to do it, I just tell him and yeah, we organise something else so it's all good.

[Stephen Orchard]

My advice to other employers to retain mature age workers is probably try and keep them as long as you can, be a bit more flexible, even if they've gotta drop down to two or three days a week and keep them on board for their knowledge and I think if they reduce their hours you probably get a lot more out of them as well.