Mature Workers Mean Business - Peninsula Auto Spares - transcript

Hear from employees of Peninsula Auto Spares, one of the Mature Age Worker Ambassadors, talk about the benefits of employing mature age workers in their business.

[Wayne Watts, Spare parts interpreter]

My name is Wayne Watts, I am a spare parts interpreter at Peninsula Auto Spares.

[Anthony Ryan, Owner/Manager]

Peninsula Auto Spares is a auto parts distribution centre and we supply the local workshops with spare parts for vehicles.

[Wayne Watts]

I have worked at Peninsula Auto Spares for four months. The previous job that I had, I was there for 10 years.

[Anthony Ryan]

Most important thing for me when we decided to take on mature age workers was their knowledge, their experience in the field. Their good work ethic, the pride that they bring to their job and their commitment level.

[Wayne Watts]

Best thing about the job would be the people that I work with. The boss, Anthony, is a very nice guy and flexibility here is terrific. If a job comes along at the age of 60, take that opportunity and just go for it.