Mature Workers Mean Business Awards

The Mature Workers Mean Business awards called on Queensland businesses to tell their story about how they are benefiting from the skills and experience older workers are bringing to their workplace.

Congratulations to Sniffers Group, winner of the Mature Workers Mean Business Award.

We would also like to congratulate the following finalists who, along with Sniffers Group, have been named as Mature Age Worker Ambassadors and whose stories will be shared to promote the benefits of employing workers aged 55 and over.

Sniffers Group, Cornubia

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'With skill shortages in this industry, and mature age workers seeking to work beyond the traditional retirement age, we have found a solid source of experienced talent to meet our business needs.'

Stephen Orchard, Managing Director, Sniffers Group

With a growing demand for qualified staff, Sniffers Group is taking full advantage of the experience and knowledge of its mature age workforce to provide invaluable mentoring and training to junior staff, trainees, apprentices and school-based apprentices.

This philosophy helps to foster the strong team and family culture that is an integral part of the business as well as ensure the sustainability of the civil construction industry by ensuring the transfer of knowledge and skills.

CaPTA Group, Cairns

'We value the experience and life skills our mature age workers bring to our business along with their abundance of common sense and great life stories they share. Their passion and knowledge of the Cairns area and the tourism industry are truly evident and shine through in their interactions with clients.'

Penny Clelend, Staff Development Manager, CaPTA Group

In recent years, the CaPTA Group has made a dedicated commitment to ensuring its workforce reflects the diversity of the community, and its clients. This has resulted in the Cairns-based tourism business employing more than 35 workers aged over 55, equating to nearly 14% of its total workforce.

CaPTA consider its tailored recruitment strategies, including the wording in job advertisements and where and how it advertised vacancies, as key to its success in recruiting mature age workers.

Peninsula Auto Spares, Clontarf

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'We value the knowledge and experience our mature workers offer our business. Their expertise and knowledge of the vehicle industry is invaluable and a skill that just can't be taught.'

Anthony Ryan, Owner, Peninsula Auto Spares

Faced with the challenges of servicing vehicles spanning several decades, Peninsula Auto Spares knows firsthand the invaluable experience and knowledge that mature age workers bring to a workforce.

With a third of its employees aged over 55, Peninsula Auto Spares is taking full opportunity of the knowledge and expertise a mature worker brings.

The Cleo Collective, Moorooka

'We are proud of our diverse team and our clientele are delighted to see a lady in her 50s becoming a hairdresser. You are never too old to make a career change and we are very pleased with our decision to hire a mature age apprentice who brings such outstanding interpersonal skills to the salon.'

Amanda Holden, Owner, The Cleo Collective

The value of 'soft' skills such as communication, interpersonal skills, teamwork and problem-solving are just some of the drivers behind The Cleo Collective's decision to employ a mature age apprentice.

This decision has been a winner all round, and one The Cleo Collective believes has improved all aspects of their business.

Simple Solutions, Hervey Bay

'As an employer, experienced staff with skills plus workplace and life experience ensures we have a team who can bring more to their role than just a qualification. Our mature age employees bring a richness to our team and are often natural mentors for our junior staff.'

Natalie Sell, Owner, Simple Solutions

When looking for experienced, qualified staff with workplace and life experience it made perfect sense for Simple Solutions to look at mature age workers.

With over 40% of its staff over the age of 55, Simple Solutions is well and truly on its way to being a values-based employer of choice.

RHD Classic Supplies & Services, Aitkenvale

'Our mature age workers bring years of expertise and experience with them that just can't be learnt in a classroom. They still want to make a contribution, but not on a full-time basis. We appreciate the opportunity to tap into the skills and expertise both for the benefits of our clients and our younger staff who have willing mentors at their fingertips.'

Sharine Milne, Owner/Operator, RHD Classic Supplies & Services

RHD Classic Supplies & Services knows it is hard to put a value on a lifetime of acquired knowledge and experience, so employing mature age workers with specific skills in the motorcycle industry presents their business with great value for money.

They utilise the knowledge and experience of a number of mature age workers who want to put their skills to productive use on a part-time basis. For this business it is definitely a win-win outcome.

Queensland Steel Products, Parkhurst

'Our 2 mature age steel fabricators are now semi-retired and work for us 2 days a week. They are a great inspiration to the team and excellent role models to our apprentices.'

Ian Burgess, Queensland Steel Products

In the often physically demanding trade of steel fabrication, mature age workers at Queensland Steel Products are not only keeping up with their younger colleagues, but often surpassing them.

The organisation currently has 2 senior fabricators over 65 years of age. Although they choose to work part-time, their knowledge, skills, flexibility and support to others continues to make them highly-valued members of the Queensland Steel Products team.

Phoenix Security Services, Ryan

'The knowledge, life experience and maturity of my older workers is a real advantage in the security industry. They draw from their life experiences, can read a situation and know what to expect. They are the friendly face you can look for in a crowd and genuinely care about the patrons of any event they're working.'

Glenda Pastoor, Director, Phoenix Security Services

Phoenix Security Services is challenging traditional thinking around workers in the security industry. With a third of its workforce over the age of 55, Phoenix is embracing the reliability, maturity and level-headedness its mature age workers bring to the business.

With an upcoming expansion planned, Phoenix Security Services will be specifically targeting mature age workers in its recruitment strategy.

Kent Saddlery, Stanthorpe

'Our mature age employees are genuine performers and their skills and experience along with their commitment and dedication to the creation and sale of expertly hand-crafted leather goods are integral to the success of our business.'

Joshua Furness, Production Manager, Kent Saddlery

Stanthorpe's Kent Saddlery prides itself on its family and country values. This philosophy is reflected in the diversity of the Saddlery's workforce which employs 3 mature age workers.

Kent Saddlery have found mature age workers deliver on attention to detail, fine craftsmanship and a passion for perfection which are attributes critical to the success of the business.

NORTEC, Southport

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'With 23% of our workforce over the age of 55, it helps us demonstrate to our clients that we 'walk the talk' when we promote and encourage employers to consider mature workers in their recruitment plans. It just makes good business sense.'

James Hay, General Manager, People and Capability, NORTEC

NORTEC is walking the talk when it comes to its commitment to mature age employment.

The South East Queensland-based employment service is finding success through its own mature age recruitment strategy.

The organisation believes the experience, resilience and maturity of their mature age work advisors is a winning combination to encourage Queensland businesses to employ mature age jobseekers.

Curves Gym, Stanthorpe

'With their great work ethic and the life experiences our mature age workers bring to the job, they provide the inspiration and encouragement our clients are looking for.'

Suzanne Robins, Owner, Curves Stanthorpe

When in the market for additional staff, Curves Stanthorpe needed staff who could provide the flexibility of part-time hours, but more importantly, who would resonate with and inspire their clients.

The gym and fitness centre found what it needed in mature age workers.

With 75% of its staff over the age of 55, Curves Stanthorpe is well and truly reaping the benefits of its decision to employ mature age workers.

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