Required resources for employing apprentices and trainees

When you decide to take on an apprentice or trainee, you will need to have enough resources to support them. For your apprentice or trainee to achieve competency in a particular qualification, you must be able to provide appropriate and adequate:

  • facilities
  • range of work
  • level and hours of supervision.

Workplace assessment

It is your supervising registered training organisation’s (SRTO) responsibility to make sure your workplace can provide these resources. During the probationary period they will come and assess your workplace for its suitability.

If the SRTO finds that your workplace can’t provide what is needed, you can:

  • modify the training contract to include a more suitable qualification (which needs less facilities or range of work)
  • find other training arrangements like a temporary transfer to another employer, simulated assessment or use a group training organisation (GTO).

These options and solutions will be documented in the ‘employer resource assessment’.

However, if you can’t meet the options recommended to you by the SRTO, the training contract may be discontinued. We will try to assist in every way to ensure you are able to employ an apprentice or trainee.

Group training organisations

If your business cannot offer the full range of skills an apprentice or trainee needs to work in the industry, or the amount of work they are required to complete during their training, you can use a GTO. GTOs can organise for you to host an apprentice or trainee or share one with another business.