Wages and entitlements for apprentices and trainees


Apprentices and trainees usually receive special pay rates while they complete their qualification. You can only pay apprentice or trainee wages if you have a formal, registered training contract with them.

Pay rates are set out in the award or agreement that applies to your business. It can vary based on the age, length of the apprenticeship or traineeship, how much training they have completed, and if they are an adult or school student.

Apprentice and trainee pay rates

Learn about apprentice and trainee pay rates and increases, pay rates after training is completed and being paid for time spent undertaking training.


When you employ an apprentice or trainee you must:

  • pay them for work as well as time spent training on the job (supervision and mentoring),
  • release them for off-the-job training while still paying them.

Apprentice entitlements

Find information about apprentice entitlements, including leave, public holidays, breaks, training and fees.

Trainee entitlements

Read about trainee entitlements, including leave, public holidays, breaks, training and fees.

Working hours

School-based apprentices and trainees

School-based apprentices and trainees are a special type of employee and have their own specific wage arrangements and entitlements.

School-based wages and entitlements

Learn about specific wages and entitlements for school-based apprentices and trainees, including minimum paid working hour requirements.


You must pay your apprentice or trainee superannuation for their retirement, just like other employees.

Superannuation for your apprentice or trainee

Read about how much, how to pay and when and where to pay superannuation.

Workers' compensation

You must insure your apprentice or trainee against work-related injuries if you own a business in Queensland.

WorkCover insurance

Learn about insuring your apprentices and trainees against work-related injuries, including types of insurance and who can be covered.

How to reduce your insurance premium

Find out about the premium discount available to you when you employ apprentice and trainees.

Tool allowance

Depending on the type of business, you may have to provide your apprentice or trainee with a tool allowance.

P.A.C.T Pay Calculator

Calculate base pay rates, allowances (e.g. tool) and penalty rates (including overtime) for your apprentice or trainee.

Workers' unions and industrial action

Apprentices and trainees, like other employees, can choose to join a union and take part in industrial actions like strikes, go-slows, overtime bans or call out bans.