Get your apprentice or trainee licensed

Once your apprentice or trainee has completed their apprenticeship or traineeship, they may need to be licensed, so they can continue legally working for you.

Apprentices, trainees and their supervisors will be fined if they are caught working without appropriate licences.

Electrical licences

Apply for an electrical licence

Find out what's required of you and your completed apprentice when applying for a electrical work licence.

Plumbing and drainage licences

Once your apprentice plumber has qualified, they must apply for a provisional licence and work under supervision for at least 1 year before progressing to the next stage of licensing.

Apply for a plumbing and drainage licence

Find out details and requirements for getting your completed apprentice plumber licensed.

Building industry licences

Depending on their role and responsibilities, your qualified apprentice or trainee may need to get licensed to work in the building industry.

Building and construction industry licences

Find out if your completed apprentice or trainee requires a licence to continue working in the building and construction industry.

Other licences and permits