Dismiss your apprentice or trainee

Once your apprentice or trainee has completed their apprenticeship or traineeship, you can:

If you want to dismiss them, you'll have to follow the rules for ending employment.

If you want to dismiss your apprentice or trainee while they are still in training, you'll also need to cancel their training contract.

Termination notice

To dismiss an employee, regardless of whether they are an apprentice or trainee, there are minimum periods of notice.

Notice periods for dismissal

Find out how much notice you must give your employee when dismissing them, including specific information for older employees and different industries.


You may need to dismiss your apprentice or trainee because your business:

  • doesn't need that person's job to be done anymore
  • or
  • becomes insolvent or bankrupt.


Learn about genuine redundancies, consulting with your employees when redundancies are required and the process of making someone redundant.