Apprenticeships Info

We support and advise all parties involved in Queensland-based apprenticeships and traineeships, including employers like you.

For employers of apprentices and trainees, we can:

  • provide information, support and advice about your apprenticeship or traineeship, including
    • your rights and obligations
    • tips and other help to resolve issues
    • support options and referral services
  • help you meet your training contract responsibilities
  • manage and update training contracts
  • manage travel and accommodation subsidies
  • support apprentices and trainees with disabilities
  • issue completion certificates when your apprentice or trainee completes their training.

We also provide brochures on the Queensland apprenticeship and traineeship system to order, free of charge. Find out how to order your brochures.

How to contact us


1800 210 210 (general enquiries)
Open 8.30am to 4.45pm (Queensland time) Monday to Friday.


In person

Visit one of our offices

SMS reminders for employers

Our SMS reminder service helps you keep track of your obligations when managing your apprentice or trainee.

You'll receive SMS messages at key milestones throughout the apprenticeship or traineeship. It won't replace any emails or letters you already receive from us.

You'll receive SMS reminders only if you have a small business (19 or fewer employees) and an active training contract for an apprentice or trainee.

You can choose to opt-out of the SMS reminder service at any time by replying 'STOP' to any SMS reminder.

To verify a SMS reminder is legitimate, check:

  • it ends with 'QGOV Training Qld'
  • any link is from a Queensland Government web address, such as

We will never ask for identifying information including bank details or date of birth. If you believe an SMS doesn't look right, or you have concerns, contact us on 1800 210 210 for more information.