Apprentice and trainee responsibilities in the workplace

Workplace responsibilities

At work your apprentice or trainee must:

  • follow the conditions set out in their employment contract
  • perform work as directed by their supervisor
  • behave politely and professionally
  • follow all legal instructions and directives (e.g. dress codes, health and safety procedures)
  • not waste, damage or injure your property or goods.

Specific requirements may apply to certain apprenticeships and traineeships and workplaces.

Training responsibilities

As part of their training your apprentice or trainee must:

  • work toward achieving the competencies set out in training plan
  • do the training and assessment set out in training plan
  • update the training record and produce it when required.

Scope of work

The tasks that you expect of your apprentice or trainee greatly depend on the apprenticeship and traineeship and the workplace.

Your training organisation is responsible for understanding all the training requirements of your apprentice or trainee and applying them to your workplace.

They will break down the training requirements into discrete workplace tasks that suit your workplace as well as allowing your apprentice/trainee to progress in their training.