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Support for contractors, consultants and freelancers

Information and support is available for contractors, sub-contractors, consultants, freelancers, sole-traders and other self-employed Queenslanders.

If you offer services through an online platform, learn more about sharing economy rights and responsibilities.

Business type and location

Business structure

Consider your business structure as each structure has different rules.

Work with business advisers for help to decide on the best business structure for you.

Business location

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Contract development

Having a contract in place before you start work with a client will help ensure everyone involved is aware of their rights and responsibilities. It will also ensure you are compensated fairly for the work you do.

Read how to prepare a contract.

You may want to seek professional legal advice for help drafting a contract, or before signing a contract.

Intellectual property (IP)

You will own the IP of work you create during the contract, unless the contract clearly says your client will own the IP.

Read more about IP and contracts.

Workplace rights and protections

Find independent contractor information and support from the Fair Work Ombudsman, including advice on pay, entitlements and how to identify sham contracting.

Learn more about contractor rights and protections.

Make sure you are always working in a safe environment free from hazards and risks.

Industry support and legal requirements

Ensure you stay informed about licensing and regulatory requirements for your industry.

Search the Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS) to find what licences, permits, registrations and approvals you need to operate your business.

You can also contact your relevant industry association for information and support specific to your business.

Online sales and services

Consider providing your services online to reach a larger client base.

You can also read about doing business online: the basics.

If you sell goods or services online, there are tax laws that may apply.

Visit the Australian Taxation Office to:

Grants and business support

Use the Queensland Government grants finder to search for available grants and assistance programs for your business.

The Australian Government's Grants and programs tool provides information on grant opportunities from all levels of government for business and industry.

Advance Queensland offers a range of programs designed to help small businesses collaborate, build on innovative ideas, grow and improve products and services, and compete in global markets.

Entrepreneurs' Program, offered by the Australian Government, provides practical support and funding for businesses to improve capability and competitiveness, and to commercialise new ideas.

Read more about grants and business support.

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